ChapelDown Vineyard

Beer & Cider


Chapel Down produces a range of three 'Curious' beers that are a fusion of brewing and wine-making techniques.

Drawing on Frazer's extensive beer know how and the wine-making expertise from the team at Chapel Down, this range of beer offers the discerning beer drinker a unique experience. Like great wine, great beer can't be rushed and you can't compromise on ingredients, time or techniques to deliver better tasting beers. Cost has its place, but not in the creation of World Class beers or wines. The beers are therefore, perhaps reassuringly, slightly more expensive than your average beer/biere/birra. But worth every penny. We don't know if they are the best beers in the World, but they are certainly beers that no-one else could create.

A delivery charge of £8.00 will be added to each order of a case of 24 bottles of beer and a further £4.00 for every case therafter unless otherwise stated.

Coming soon, Curious Apple Cider also in 33cl bottles.

Picture of Curious Brew - 24 Bottles
GOLD MEDAL WINNER AT THE INTERNATIONAL BEER CHALLENGE 2012. Our Curious Brew is a truly premium lager beer. Brewed in England with precision and passion to create a uniquely satisfying, drier, cleaner, fresher, lager beer.

Picture of Curious IPA - 24 Bottles
This balanced but powerfully hoppy India Pale Ale is brewed using the finest pale ale malt and three complimentary hops. We think that in balancing these three exciting hops we have created a beer of great power yet drinkable harmony.

Picture of Curious Porter - 24 Bottles
Curious Porter is out of stock but will be back soon. Bottle Conditioned English Porter, matured with oak.

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