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Latest News: Chapel Down secures two new long-term land leases

On the 4th February 2015, we announced the completion of two long term land leases increasing the total under lease by 181 acres to 326 acres. The first site is at Street Farm in Boxley on the North Downs (131 acres) and the second is Scurms Farm in Sandhurst (50 acres). Both sites offer prime viticultural land.

The Boxley site is close to our existing vineyard at Kits Coty and our other previously announced new site at Court Lodge Farm on the North Downs. We believe this area of the North Downs offers the finest terroir in England for sparkling varieties and successive excellent crops from Kits Coty prove it. The site in Sandhurst is in a proven area for distinctive and high quality still and sparkling varieties close to the winery at Tenterden. Both sites will be planted over the coming years to enable us to grow more World Class grapes to satisfy the increasing demand for Chapel Down wines over the next 25 years.

Latest News: Chapel Down raises £3.95m in the UK's largest ever crowdfunding initiative

On the 8th September 2014, we embarked on an equity crowdfunding campaign in order to invite our customers to become part of our success and to raise funds for our future.  We have been astounded by the support we have received and, as a result, have reached the campaign total of £3.95m in just over three weeks - making it the UK’s largest ever crowdfunding initiative. You can still buy shares in the company, our shares are traded on the ISDX Market, visit our shareholder page to find out more.


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Established in 2001, Chapel Down is the market leader in English wines with broad distribution across the UK and in increasing demand internationally. After a decade of striving to change perceptions of English wine, today we are a prestigious, internationally recognised brand with world-class customers and a very promising future.

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