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We think that we have something very special at Chapel Down. We have assembled a team of highly professional, talented people who share an ambition to create truly World Class, interesting, distinctive and award-winning wines that will surprise and delight the most discerning consumers. The secret of our success lies in the fact that the fundamentals of geology, soil and aspect are married with a desire to work with and improve enthusiastic partners who have the potential to develop great vineyards and good businesses.

The south of England shares almost identical geology and soils to the Champagne region, with a chalk seam typified by the North and South Downs of Kent and Sussex and excellent well drained soils in Essex and The Weald. Working together we ensure that only the best fruit arrives at the winery in Tenterden to make the very best wine possible from the grapes. We know we are lucky and privileged to do this in a beautiful environment in The Garden of England and that we have a responsibility to protect and improve this inspiring area.

Chapel Down is rapidly establishing itself as a world class premium wine brand and is gaining National and International recognition and we are getting better with every vintage.
Our business is growing all the time and our greatest challenge is making enough wine to satisfy the demand. Today Chapel Down wines are surprising and delighting informed wine drinkers all over the world; you can find us in bars, restaurants and wine stores in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, as well as the better hotels, restaurants and stores in the UK

It's not just the gold medals and the press coverage that makes our jobs such a pleasure, but the real excitement we get from winning friends and converts. If you have never visited the winery and vineyard in Tenterden, I would urge you to come. No matter what your experience of wine has been, we guarantee that you will be surprised and delighted by everything we have to offer. If, like us, you like to go to bed a little less stupid than you were in the morning, then we can help educate, entertain and inform you in tours, tastings and events that can be as exclusive as you wish.

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