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Investing in Chapel Down- Crowdfund, Benefits & FAQs

Be a part of England's wine revolution

20 years ago we embarked on a journey to the way people thought about English wine. Forever.  

It's been a long, tough and sometimes frustrating mission. Some thought we were mad. Fortunately some didn’t. 
All agreed that there was a lot to do, but we never lost faith, and now much of the work has been done. A secure, growing supply of high-quality fruit, a winery making world-class wines, hatfuls of international awards, a respected and recognised brand, blue-chip customers, a team of outstanding people and a business that is already profitable are in place. 
Consumers want Chapel Down. What we need to do is to make a great deal more to satisfy their demand. That's where you can help by investing with us. 

We are now fundraising.  

Ten Reasons to Join Us?

  1. We make world-class products and have a trophy cabinet full of awards to prove it 
  2. We work with great customers from Waitrose and Tesco to the finest restaurants 
  3. We believe we have great brands. 
  4. We are the market leader with higher sales, higher awareness and broader distribution 
  5. We are growing (+32% last year) and we believe our business is in good shape 
  6. We have shown 17% CAGR over the last ten years  
  7. We think we've got great people from blue chip backgrounds  
  8. We believe you should get something in return for your faith apart from growth in value - a great discount to encourage you to spread the word! 
  9. We have got skin in the game! All our senior management and Board are highly vested in the company through ownership. We own the same shares you can buy now.  
  10. The whole board are putting their own money again in this round. All of us. 


Becoming a Shareholder

To be part of our journey to change the way people think about English wine forever, visit our Crowdfunding Page for the full Share Offer Document. The share offer closes on 23rd July 2021 or if the maximum raise capital is reached before then.

The Chapel Down Group Plc is also listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange.
If you would like to invest in Chapel Down Group shares, please talk to your broker.


Shareholder Benefits via the crowdfund

  Silver Benefits- 500-1999 Shares Gold Benefits- 2000-9999 Shares Platinum Benefits- 10,000+ Shares
Annual 25% off Voucher X - -
Early access to new vintages X X X
Annual guided tour for two people (2022 onwards) - X X
Ongoing 33% off wines - X X
Ongoing 10% off spirits - X X
Ongoing 10% off Great Minds Drink Alike wines - X X
Ongoing 33% off vine lease schemes - X X
Ongoing 10% off virtual tasting packages - X X
Ongoing 25% food discount at The Swan, 4 People - X X
Ongoing 25% discount at the Winery Shop - X X
One off bottle of limited edition sparkling wine - - X
One off virtual event including wine tasting - - X

The table above shows the list of benefits available via the crowdfund.
If investing via Aquis the Silver and Gold benefits are available, however the one-off Platinum benefits are only available to crowdfund investors who invest in 10,000 shares or more during this fundraise.

Regulatory Announcement & Published Annual Reports

Please see our Investor Information for all our published reports and more information on our directors' biographies.


Frequently Asked Questions Relating To The Crowdfund


I am a current Chapel Down shareholder but I haven’t invested via Seedrs before, how do I get set up with Seedrs?

All existing shareholders will be able to invest from launch on the 4th June regardless of whether you have invested via Seedrs or another route previously. The public launch of this campaign is Monday 14th June.

Existing Chapel Down shareholders will have exclusive early access to the campaign by creating a Seedrs account using the email address they have previously supplied to Chapel Down for the purposes of their existing shareholding and any associated shareholder benefits.

Follow this link to register with Seedrs. It's a very simple process. If you have any questions, please contact the Seedrs support team on [email protected]

(Shareholders who hold their shares through Seedrs will have access through their existing Seedrs account and will be contacted by Seedrs about their investment).

 As an existing investor will I be guaranteed to receive the number of shares that I request in my application to Seedrs?

There is a limit to how much we can raise from a crowdfunding campaign, this currently being £6.876m. Once this limit has been reached, we cannot accept any further new capital. Apply early and you will get what you asked for. Investments are offered on a first come first serve basis so when the cap has been reached, no more investment will be accepted rather than scaling investors back pro-rata.

Will my existing shareholding be diluted following the crowdfund?

Yes. If we issue new shares to raise funds for the company and you do not invest, your ownership of the business will be diluted. If the crowdfund reaches its maximum raise and you don’t invest at all, you may be diluted by approximately 8%.

Are current shareholder benefits changing?

There is only 1 change to existing shareholder benefits. From June 2021 we will no longer be issuing an annual guided tour voucher to shareholders with between 500 and 1999 shares (Silver shareholders). In 2021 existing silver shareholders who have invested prior to 1st June 2021 will receive a one-off gift as a replacement for this benefit.

We do not yet know whether Chapel Down shareholders will receive any short term or longer term benefits from the new owners of Curious Brewery.

I’m an existing Seedrs shareholder, can I buy more shares and therefore be eligible for a higher level of shareholder benefits?

Yes. You can purchase additional shares during this round of fundraising and at the end of the fundraise these will be added to your current investment. Seedrs will let us know your total holding and we will administer your shareholder benefits accordingly.

I already hold more than 10,000 shares in Chapel Down, am I entitled to the One-Off sparkling wine gift and virtual tasting as outlined in the Share Offer Document?

These two new one-off benefits are only available to new investors via the crowdfund who invest in 10,000 shares or more during this fundraise. However existing shareholders with 10,000 or more shares will become ‘Platinum Shareholders’ ongoing.

I’m an existing shareholder, but not via Seedrs. Can I invest via Seedrs in this crowdfund and combine my shareholdings to be eligible for a higher level of shareholder benefits?

Yes, you can but we need you to tell us that you have done so and provide proof of your investment outside of the crowdfund so that we can marry the two shareholdings together and place you in the correct shareholder group.
We may then ask for annual proof that you still hold both sets of shares.

Can I amalgamate the shares I hold in Seedrs with shares I hold elsewhere such as a Hargreaves Lansdown account?

Yes you can, but only under certain conditions. Existing shareholders will be given a 30 day window to transfer shares from Seedrs to an alternative broker after the campaign has closed and shares have been issued. Seedrs will contact shareholders with more details about how to do this and there will be an admin fee of £25 to facilitate the transfer. See page 45, section of the Share Offer Document for more details.


Do I have to invest through Seedrs or can I use my own broker?

To join this fundraise you do need to invest via Seedrs, please follow this link to register for a Seedrs account. Potential investors are encouraged to pre-register on the Seedrs website now in order to be granted exclusive access to invest between 9th and 14th June. After this point remaining opportunities to invest will be available to all.

As a listed company, Chapel Down Group plc shares are traded on an ongoing basis on the Aquis Growth Market (“Aquis”) which is operated by the Aquis Stock Exchange. You can invest via Aquis at any point.

Can I claim EIS tax relief on my investment in this crowdfund?


Will I receive a share certificate following my investment?

Shareholders will receive a beneficial share certificate for their investment, which will be found in their portfolio after the investment has closed.

Is there a minimum investment?

Yes. The minimum investment is £11.90 (20 shares).

Why are you crowdfunding when your shares are already trading publicly?

We are raising new funds to grow the business, so we are issuing new shares which you are subscribing for from the Company rather than buying existing ones. That means your money is used to grow our business. The new shares are exactly the same as the existing ordinary shares.

Why should I invest in Chapel Down?

Please view the Share Offer Document and the Seedrs website which will give you more information on the crowdfunding campaign and recent company performance before you decide whether to invest.

Can you tell me more about the new credit facility you have set up and what this means for the business?

This is a rolling credit and term loan facility secured against the assets of the Chapel Down Group including our wine stock. Historically, borrowing against stock in this way is the most common route to finance Champagne and Whisky businesses, but until very recently, it was not available to English wines.  It means we have the ability to borrow up to £15m against our assets including wine stocks to use to grow the business. It's great news.

As a new investor in Chapel Down will I be guaranteed to receive the number of shares that I request in my application to Seedrs?

There is a limit to how much we can raise from a crowdfunding campaign of £6.876m. Once this limit has been reached, we cannot accept any further new capital. Apply early and you will get what you asked for. Investments are offered on a first come first serve basis so when the cap has been reached, no more investment will be accepted rather than scaling investors back pro-rata. 
However, you can also buy our shares on Aquis and join us that way.

How will you spend the money raised from the crowdfund.

Please view the Share Offer Document and Seedrs website which will give you more information on the crowdfunding campaign.

What are the risks involved in investing?

Please view the Share Offer Document and Seedrs website which will give you more information on the crowdfunding campaign.

How long will the crowdfund take?

The crowdfund will be open for a maximum of 40 days from 14th June being the public launch date. However, last time we completed a crowdfund raise, we had to stop further investments after just 21 days, so please ensure you invest early to avoid disappointment. Please visit the Seedrs website to check in on the progress of the fundraise.

Why should I invest via this crowdfund rather than through Aquis?

By investing through the crowdfund, the price you will pay for those shares is guaranteed. The price is the market price just prior to the announcement of our 2020 financial results and the £15m credit and term loan facility on 4th June 2021.

However, the most important reason is that the Company gets your money directly to invest in its future.

Once I have invested in the crowdfund are my shares tradable?

Yes. Chapel Down Group plc shares are traded on Aquis.
Your investment in the company will be held under Seedrs' nominee structure and are tradable on Aquis via our broker, IG. If you would like to sell your shares please contact [email protected] however please note that broker fees may apply when selling your shares.

Can I purchase shares in joint names?

No, the investment must be made by one named individual only.

Can I purchase shares in a company name?

No, the investment must be made by one named individual only.

How will I know whether my investment has been successful?

We will let you know!

How much money do you hope to raise?

The maximum amount it is permissible to raise in this crowdfund is £6.876m; however;

we are setting a minimum crowdfund raise figure here of £3,000,000.

Will I receive an annual dividend?

Not initially, although investors will benefit from the 33% wine discount. For someone who drinks – say – 20 bottles of Brut NV per annum, that’s a current saving of £178.00. And where investors hold 2,000 or more shares, a free wine tour for two is currently worth £50.00 - that’s £228.00 savings per annum. An investment for 2,000 shares costing £1920.00 can therefore get you some very useful returns through our discounts!

Are you listing on AIM soon?

We’re currently listed on Aquis and have no immediate plans to change our listing.

Are the management / directors / existing investors putting any money in?

All our directors are heavily vested in Chapel Down shares. We have serious “skin in the game”. We cannot comment on the existing shareholders (excluding Directors) for this fundraise until it is complete. We are currently a company that is majority board-owned but we also have thousands of investors who also believe in us and want to be part of our journey. The Board owns the same ordinary shares as everyone else. It’s fair and simple. We think that Chapel Down has become a better business for listening to shareholders and looking after its employees. It’s why all staff over a certain level have share option packages, all staff can save for shares and invest their savings in shares. Following our last fundraise, we had a very high take up of the Save As You Earn scheme (SAYE). The passion and drive of our people is critical to our success. They are committed through having skin in the game and we are thrilled that so many of our team are with us on our mission to change the way the world thinks about English wine forever.
We have received a total commitment from Directors of £1,425,500.

When do you expect to be bought by a Champagne house?

We cannot comment on speculation.

When can I start claiming shareholder benefits as a new Chapel Down shareholder?

Once the crowdfund has completed, depending on the number of shares for which you decide to subscribe, we will contact you to advise that your shareholder benefits are available for you to claim.

Why is the free guided tour benefit not available until 2022?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic the company was unable to offer guided tours and experiences at the Winery for the majority of 2020. We are therefore experiencing an extremely high number of bookings from customers who have existing tour vouchers to be redeemed. This benefit will therefore start in 2022 for new shareholders who subscribe for sufficient shares, the company will confirm final details once the fundraise is complete.

Are shareholder benefits only available at the Winery?

Shareholder benefits can be redeemed at the Chapel Down Winery and online at

Can I use my shareholder discounts to make a purchase at a partner retailer, venue or supermarket?

Shareholder benefits are only available via and when visiting our Winery in Tenterden. However, on occasions we do collaborate with other organisations on exclusive offers for our shareholders and these will be communicated by email on an ad-hoc basis.

What is the Chapel Down Advisory Group and how can I get involved?

We are looking for six wine lovers, from a diversity of backgrounds, to share their views on all matters relating to wine, as part of our new Advisory Group. The Advisory Group will meet with the Chapel Down senior management team in London on a quarterly basis, and over glasses of wine discuss what and how Chapel Down and the industry can do better. In return, we'll reward participants with a small honorarium, free wine and cover any travel expenses.

If you’d like to be considered, tell us why by registering your interest on our main crowdfunding page and we will get back to you!

What will happen to my personal details when I invest?

Please visit the Seedrs website for details of their privacy policy. Once the crowdfund has concluded Seedrs will securely pass on investors’ details to Chapel Down Group plc in order that shareholder benefits can be processed depending on the level of investment. Please see the Chapel Down privacy policy.

I have another question, who should I contact?

If your question is about investing in the crowdfund please contact the team at Seedrs on [email protected] or visit the Chapel Down page on the Seedrs website.

If your question is about Chapel Down or a current investment please contact the Chapel Down team on [email protected] Thank you.

Information for New Shareholders Investing Via Aquis

I'm a new shareholder, how do I receive my benefits?

If you have purchased shares via Aquis Stock Exchange or a nominee account, in order to receive your shareholder benefits we require you to send proof of your shareholding (as we will not automatically receive your details). Please download a copy of our shareholder benefits sign up form below then post or email the completed form and a copy of your Contract Note or Share Certificate, along with your postal address and email address.

You will then be added to our shareholder database and will receive a shareholder welcome pack by post with details on how to redeem your shareholder benefits, your pack will include a shareholder privilege card for shareholders with 2000+ shares. On receipt you will be able to claim your benefits using your card at the winery and to make purchases on this website.

Shareholder purchases on
Please get in touch with proof of your shareholding in order that we can add you to our database (and send you a shareholder privilege card for qualifying shareholders). See above for the proof we need.

On receipt of your card number you will be able to register with this website using your card number. Click here to Create an account. The Account name and details must match the name and details we have on our database.

We will check your registration against our database and verify your status as a qualifying shareholder. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account has been moved into the Gold Shareholder customer group. (Please do not place an order before you have received confirmation as your discount will not be applied).

On receipt of the email, when you next log in to the site you will be recognised as a shareholder and you will be able to view products at the shareholder price and add them to your basket in the usual way. (The usual price will be slashed and the shareholder price will be shown beneath).

Product discounts for Chapel Down Shareholders with 2000 or more shares are as follows:

• Still and Sparkling Wines - 33% discount
• Beer - 25% discount
• Cider - 25% discount
• Spirits - 10% discount
• Great Minds Drink Alike Products - 10% discount

Please note that we do not provide discount on our Gift Boxed items due to the packaging & delivery costs associated with these items. The products effected have this stated in their description.

These percentage discounts are applied to the full retail price of the individual product or mixed case and are not in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Discounts can be subject to change at short notice.

What to do if you hold 500 - 1999 shares

If you hold between 500 and 1999 shares and want to use your one-off 25% discount voucher online, please Register on the website as usual (do not complete the Shareholder Number box). Then contact the Sales Office on 01580 763033 or email to tell them that you have registered. We will check your registration against our database and will move your Account into the Silver Shareholder customer group and you will then be able to continue with your purchase using your voucher sent to you in your welcome pack.

Updating your details

Please advise us via [email protected] if your contact details change, we are not currently able to pick up any address changes from your online account and apply them to our shareholder list. You will also need to advise the Share Registrar and / or the nominee account where your shares are held this will ensure that our shareholder list remains up to date and is particularly important when receiving annual postal mailings and our Annual Report.

Dining Reservations

Please book a table at The Swan direct by calling the team on 01580 761616 quoting Chapel Down Shareholder Discount and your Privilege Card Number. Certain dates will be excluded and discount is not in conjunction with any other offer or special event. Max table size of 4 people, shareholder must be present.

Shareholder Benefits Terms & Conditions

All offers are subject to availability. Shareholder discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer / case price promotion. Your privilege card is valid only whilst you remain a shareholder. The benefits of your shareholding are exclusive to you and cannot be transferred to friends or family.

We reserve the right to ask you for proof of identity and shareholder purchases will be checked against our database of current shareholders. Please sign your card and keep your card/ vouchers in a safe place as we can’t issue any replacements.

Products purchased using shareholder discount should be for personal consumption only and not for resale. If you are interested in becoming a Trade Customer please talk to us, trade customers benefit from trade prices, credit terms, sales support and promotional material.

Shareholder benefits are not applicable to those investing through investment clubs or groups.

If a company wishes to invest shareholder benefits can only be issued to a named individual from that company. The individual must be named on the Share Certificate/Contract Note in addition to the company name.

Shares can be purchased in joint names by couples living at the same address if both names are shown on the proof of shareholding; we will treat this as joint ownership and one shareholder privilege card will be allocated per couple.

Shareholder benefits cannot be offered to two or more friends purchasing shares under joint names.

The beneficial shareholder is the person(s) named on the Share Certificate or Contract Note. Chapel Down cannot amend these details unless we receive written proof of a change of ownership.

Shares can be held in an ISA, SIPP personal pension or nominee account as long as we receive proof of shareholding from the individual or their representative.

Shareholder benefits are only available when purchasing products directly from Chapel Down, via our shop, mail order service or website.

Annual benefits such as guided tour vouchers will be issued once a year by post for all current shareholders with 2000 or more shares.

Guided Tour vouchers can be redeemed at The Chapel Down Winery only.

We reserve the right to charge a fee to issue a replacement shareholder privilege card.

Please keep us updated if your contact details change and don't forget to provide us with an email address so that we can keep you updated with news and offers from Chapel Down. We will never pass your details on to any third party.

Contact Us

Get in Touch

For all shareholder enquiries, please contact:
T: 01580 763033
E: [email protected]
Please note that shareholder benefits are exclusive to the shareholder and cannot be transferred to friends or family. Shareholder discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Terms and Conditions apply to all shareholder benefits. Discounts are not in conjunction with any other offer.

Book a guided tour

T: 01580 766111
E: [email protected]

Make a reservation at a restaurant

See above Dining Reservations section.