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Curious 24 Bottle Curious Tasting Case

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To celebrate the arrival of our new shareholders who invested as part of our Curious Crowdfunding campaign, we have put together a tasting case featuring the full Curious range.  The case comprises of:

  • 6bottles Curious Brew Lager

  • 6bottles Curious IPA

  • 6bottles Curious Porter

  • 6bottles Curious Apple Cider

24 bottles for £36.00 plus delivery

We are also selling this case as a mixed case of 12 bottles, see our 12 Bottle Curious Tasting Case.

24 x 330ml

Tasting Notes

Curious Brew: A lager beer, re pitched with champagne yeast and given a late hop “dosage”.
Curious IPA: An India Pale Ale produced by balancing three hops in the same way a Claret, Champagne or Cotes du Rhone uses three grapes to create a better balanced product.
Curious Porter: An English Porter that uses winemakers' vanilla oak chips to add a gentle soft sweetness to a bitter London Porter style.
Curious Apple: A Kent cider - made from apples. No concentrates, no water, just apples fermented using our own wine yeast at our own winery. A winemaker would never use water or concentrates. Oddly that means it tastes like apples, which is rather nice and curiously original!