Curious Apple - 24 Bottle Case

Curious Apple - 24 Bottle Case

24 bottle case

A clean and aromatic cider using only fully ripe, hand-picked Kentish Rubens and Bramley apples. Fermented with our Bacchus wine yeast for a premium cider with crisp, fresh aromas of green apple and hints of elderflower, citrus and kiwi fruit. 330ml bottle.

Silver Medal, The International Cider Challenge 2019.


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A pure expression of Kent from apples sourced from the Garden of England.


Hand-picked apples are crushed and cold settled to achieve a clear and clean juice prior to fermentation. The cider is fermented in stainless steel tanks with the same yeast as used for our fragrant and aromatic Bacchus white wine, this is cool fermented at 14°C for 2 weeks to help express the full aromatic potential. The cider is clarified using filtration and blended with Bramley juice to achieve balance between the alcohol, acidity and sweetness.


  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Apple: 54% Bramley, 21% Rubens and others
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Silver Medal, International Cider Challenge 2019