Curious Session IPA - 24 Bottle Case

Curious Session IPA - 24 Bottle Case

24 bottle case

A triple hopped Session IPA of curiously crafted balance, finesse and distinctive drinkability. This refreshing and zesty Session IPA with three complementary hops - English Golding, Chinook & Cascade - in homage to the power of three, used to create world class Champagne, Bordeaux and our own Chapel Down Wines. 330ml bottle.


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24 bottles of triple hopped and distinctively Curious Session IPA with a balanced, zesty and refreshing finish.


This refreshing, zesty 4.4% IPA is brewed using the finest pale ale malt, with three complementary hops is a homage to the power of three, used to create Bordeaux, Champagne and Cotes du Rhone wines. We use traditional English Goldings - the traditional, fresh, sweet, delicate king of English hops. We also use Cascade hops and finish with punchy, spicy, aromatic Chinook. Balancing these three hops creates a distinctive beer of great power and harmony.


  • ABV: 4.4%
  • Hops: English Goldings, Chinook & Cascade hops
  • Malts: Pale Ale malt
  • Food pairing:

    Curious IPA is an ideal partner to Barbecued food, such as burgers or ribs, where the resinous consistency refreshes the palate and cuts through the meat

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