The vines are looking fantastic. They were well watered in June and now the summer is really underway, they are flourishing. Flowering arrived on cue during the Wimbledon fortnight and despite some cool and wet weather at the start it warmed up just in time to provide ideal conditions. We have removed leaves from the bunch zone to reveal what looks to be a very promising crop.

The vine trimmers are now hard at work tidying up the rows and taking off the tips of the shoots. This helps stimulate a flush of new growth for photosynthesis and ripening later in the season. We will start assessing the crop yields soon as we need to make important decisions on crop load management, in particular in our premium blocks, where carefully restricted yields are desirable to maximise quality.

Our 83 area vineyard at Boxley, which we planted last year, is looking amazing. It is hard to imagine the vines were only planted a little over a year ago as they are now tall and strong and already needing a trim.

Boxley vines July 16

Our latest vineyard, circa 40 acres at Sandhurst in Kent, has just been completed and this too is looking excellent and promises to be a very productive site for Bacchus and Pinot Meunier.

Scurms vineyard planting Sandhurst