Curious Brew in the Telegraph

Drink Review: British Beers for Summer
by Susy Atkins, 02 June 2015  

"We all know hand-crafted, micro-brewed, bottled British beers are hip. They are headlining every food and music festival, and crowding out our farm shops and local delis. But what about the high street? Here the range of beers used to be dominated by the big brands, bland and canned. Not any longer. The past two years have seen far more interesting bottled beers, many British, making their way on to supermarket’s good to see hip hops hitting the high street.

Curious Brew Lager: Brewed by the team behind Chapel Down wine, this has three hops, including the rare and scented Sauvin, and tastes full flavoured, soft and wheaty. 4.7 per cent."

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