Curious Brew in the GuardianBottoms Up: Cocktails For Every Occasion
by Jack Adair Bevan, The Guardian. 04 July 2015

"Here’s a selection of drinks for all summer occasions: wet, windy, cold or hotter than hot. Whether you need a wee sip or a punch for a party, there is something here for everyone, from twists on old classics to super-trashy delights. You’ll need barely any equipment to make any of them. If you have a shaker, great, but really a pint glass will do, and a rolling pin makes a great substitute for a professional bartender’s muddler. 


Trust me on this one: the combination of tomato, spice, salt, acidity and beer is brilliant. Also great served as a small shot alongside a healthy measure of good tequila (in Mexico, this is known as sangrita). Per serving:

Curious Brew Lager
50ml tomato juice

25ml apple juice
Juice of ½ lime
1 tsp chipotle paste
1 dash Cholula sauce
1 lime wedge
Sea salt, for the rim

Mix all of the ingredients except the beer. Roll the rim of a highball or half-pint glass in coarse sea salt and fill with ice. Pour in the mix, add the lime wedge and top with beer. Make more immediately."

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