I'm a new shareholder, how do I receive my benefits?

If you have purchased shares via Aquis Stock Exchange or a nominee account, in order to receive your shareholder benefits we require you to send proof of your shareholding (as we will not automatically receive your details). Please download a copy of our shareholder benefits sign up form below then post or email the completed form and a copy of your Contract Note or Share Certificate, along with your postal address and email address.

Shareholder Benefits Sign Up / Consent Form 2020

(NB: This is not required to be completed by new Seedrs shareholders)
You will then be added to our shareholder database and will receive a shareholder welcome pack by post with details on how to redeem your shareholder benefits, your pack will include a shareholder privilege card for shareholders with 2000+ shares. On receipt you will be able to claim your benefits using your card at the winery and to make purchases on this website.

Please note that if you have recently invested in our Seedrs 2021 crowdfund, you will be required to supply proof of your Share Certificate or complete our Benefits Sign Up/Consent Form as this has already been supplied on your behalf by seedrs.

Shareholder purchases on www.chapeldown.com

Please get in touch with proof of your shareholding in order that we can add you to our database (and send you a shareholder privilege card for qualifying shareholders). See above for the proof we need.

On receipt of your card number you will be able to register with this website using your card number. Click here to Create an account. The Account name and details must match the name and details we have on our database.

We will check your registration against our database and verify your status as a qualifying shareholder. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account has been moved into the Gold Shareholder customer group. (Please do not place an order before you have received confirmation as your discount will not be applied).

On receipt of the email, when you next log in to the site you will be recognised as a shareholder and you will be able to view products at the shareholder price and add them to your basket in the usual way. (The usual price will be slashed and the shareholder price will be shown beneath).

Product discounts for Chapel Down Shareholders with 2000 or more shares are as follows:

• Still and Sparkling Wines - 33% discount
• Spirits - 10% discount
• Great Minds Drink Alike Products - 10% discount

Please note that we do not provide discount on our Gift Boxed items due to the packaging & delivery costs associated with these items. The products effected have this stated in their description.

These percentage discounts are applied to the full retail price of the individual product or mixed case and are not in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Discounts can be subject to change at short notice.

What to do if you hold 500 - 1999 shares

If you hold between 500 and 1999 shares and want to use your one-off 25% discount voucher online, please Register on the website as usual (do not complete the Shareholder Number box). Then contact the Sales Office on 01580 763033 or email to tell them that you have registered. We will check your registration against our database and will move your Account into the Silver Shareholder customer group and you will then be able to continue with your purchase using your voucher sent to you in your welcome pack.

Updating your details

Please advise us via [email protected] if your contact details change, we are not currently able to pick up any address changes from your online account and apply them to our shareholder list. You will also need to advise the Share Registrar and / or the nominee account where your shares are held this will ensure that our shareholder list remains up to date and is particularly important when receiving annual postal mailings and our Annual Report.

Dining Reservations

Please book a table at The Swan direct by calling the team on 01580 761616 quoting Chapel Down Shareholder Discount and your Privilege Card Number. Certain dates will be excluded and discount is not in conjunction with any other offer or special event. Max table size of 4 people, shareholder must be present.